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    “Privacy is essential” for our users. So, we deployed a new datacenter in a police state whose level of surveillance rivals that of the NSA that inspired it. Well, I guess it’s true so long as they or cheap admins aren’t in your threat model.

    On the non-privacy side, it’s good they boosted speed for people on that side of the world.

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      The privacy link here was more about running our own edge infrastructure at all, as opposed to farming it out to various third parties and/or cloud services.

      Our core datacenters are already located in the US on the NSA’s home turf, so it seems a little off to complain that our SG deployment changes our risk level significantly by emulating the US in these regards. SG was on an extremely short list of reasonable deployment sites in the region which made sense for us in light of various technical concerns, legal risks, and political issues.

      The NSA and similar actors are clearly a part of our threat model, as witnessed by the fact that we have an ongoing legal battle with them over these very issues: https://blog.wikimedia.org/2017/06/23/wikimedia-v-nsa-present-future/ .