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So, I’ve submitted a few Python related stories of my own over time, and noticed they went nowhere. That’s fine - I don’t claim to have my finger on the pulse of what makes the average software dev say WOW.

However, that led me to take a look - it’s systemic.

Check out the list of stories submitted with the Python tag: https://lobste.rs/t/python/

Rarely do stories rise above 20, and those that do are pretty much always really about something else (Boost the performance of your Python programs with Rust!).

So, tell me Lobste.rs - why do we hate Python?


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    I don’t hate Python. I don’t care about Python.

    The language falls in a sad place where it’s not popular among the old beards (like C is) and it’s not hip, trendy, and new like Rust or whatever new JS stuff is coming out.

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      I am not sure it is systematic so much as just – not really that interesting. I mean, looking over that list of recent Python stories is yawn generating for me, except the Zed Shaw stuff which just seemed troll-ish. I don’t think this is some systematic failure so much as – reasonable. Boring stories that people aren’t interested in aren’t upvoted, working as intended.

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        I’d say all these stories are getting plenty of love. 20 upvotes in this community is actually quite a few, most popular language-specific stories (showing up on the upper half of the front page) have around 10-15.

        If you are posting a story about a particular language, you are already whittling down your pool of interested users, since most users here are not interested in every detail of every language ever. This is why stories that apply to a broad spectrum of languages/fields and stories about more general topics like business practices or culture generally get more upvotes.

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          That is a good point – I am not sure what the average across all the language specific lobte.rs' is – time to learn how to use the API maybe (is there one?)! I would think https://lobste.rs/t/rust/ would be one of the more active ones, and it doesn’t seem to trend too much higher.

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            Im with you. Stories on this forum get low votes and comments in general. Just a side effect of it having more focused commenters/readers with less noise. The Python stories have a large number of votes relative to low popularity stuff.

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          I don’t hate Python - it’s just not very interesting. This is true of the language basically by design…

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            why do we hate Python?

            Probably because most of us program in it.

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              That doesn’t seem too bad. The home page right now only has six stories above 20. The average upvotes-per-story seems pretty low, and after a quick browse through some other tags, I’d actually bet Python is fairing better than average.