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    For me the rubber duck simply doesn’t involve enough shame to work.

    I have to phrase the question and ask on IRC to be enlightened.

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      Sometimes a duck isn’t smart enough, then you have to upgrade to a cardboard programmer.

      Or if you really desperate a non programmer human.

      Whatever will trigger that moment where you go “So you see, this %$##! thing is broken or haunted because zzz proves it’s impossible!! It’s obviously impossible! No way in heaven could …. occur. Not a chance, no way, never, ahhhh, unless, ahhhh, OH SHIT I”M A F*KING IDIOT!”

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        That’s brilliant! Cardboard is much cheaper than a rubber duck.

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        Rubber duck debugging or programming is more effective than it should be. I can’t count the number of times where I figured out the solution for a problem as soon as I explained it to a co-worker (or a one of my cats when working remotely).

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          The alarming effectiveness of cats at solving the gnarliest problems in programming is an intense trigger for imposter syndrome.

          That “Oh Fck I’m such a colossal idiot why didn’t I see that!” moment segues seamlessly into “I’m too stupid to do this stuff!”