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      Something I really want is a UI (probably browser-based) that will let you type languages like pikchr on the left and render it on the right automatically.

      I would use it for graphviz also, etc.

      Does this already exist?

      I wrote something sort of like this (motivated by R plotting) several years ago, but there are a bunch of things about it that aren’t great: https://github.com/andychu/webpipe

      It uses inotify-tools connected to a “hanging GET” to auto-refresh on save.

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          Yes that’s the right idea! I think the button can replaced with a keyboard shortcut easily.

          I would like something that generalizes to any tool, maybe with some kind of CGI interface. It looks like this is in Java, and I suspect https://pikchr.org/home/pikchrshow is in Tcl since it’s from Dr. Hipp. I probably would hack on the Tcl version first, although Python or PHP would also work.

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        Pikchr has an inbuilt side-by-side sandbox functionality which makes the editing experience a lot easier.

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          Ah OK I see this, it’s pretty close to what I want. I would like to enter a shell command and use it for any such tool! It can probably be hacked up for that purpose


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