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    https://twitter.com/m_ou_se/status/1557742789693427712 has an additional writeup. Using VecDeque as a Read/Write circular buffer is cool.

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      Having scoped threads in std is great. First language, AFAIK, with this kind of structured concurrency in it’s stdlib. Definitely the first that also statically prevents data races.

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        Yeah I agree!

        I was wondering - what remains missing from “structured concurrency”? Just looking again at [1] I can see cancellation, error propagation and being able to create and pass around and inject the scope object s elsewhere (for spawning background tasks that outlive whatever calls s.spawn) as being things that I can’t immediately see as being possible or not. Does anyone know - would these already be possible with what’s there now?

        [1] https://vorpus.org/blog/notes-on-structured-concurrency-or-go-statement-considered-harmful

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          Error propagation is already possible (as (Scoped)JoinHandle<T>::join() returns whatever was returned by the scoped/spawned routine).

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            Lifetimes stop you from exfiltrating the scope handle outside the callback, yes. You can’t mem::swap it somewhere because the destination would need to have the exact same lifetime (and therefore, created from inside the callback).