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    No mention of whether the owners of these businesses have been clamouring for more housing.

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      This article is fascinating. I’m also worried in general about the way that gentrification affects the gentrified and the gentrifying. Also, I live in SF and so I care very much about this, and think it’s important that San Franciscans are thinking about this and talking about this, and especially San Franciscans in tech, since we’re ultimately driving much this gentrification.

      With that said, I don’t think this is on topic for lobsters, in the same way that local area news for San Francisco would not be on topic. I think we should definitely read and share this, but it should be in a different venue (I’m going to tweet about it :] )

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        Theoretically, businesses could just raise their prices and wages until they can find workers, right? The housing situation is insane, but for the right price, people might commute to work in a place they can’t afford to live.

        What is it that I’m missing, and why isn’t that happening?

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          Because BART, MUNI, ACTransit, and Caltrain are all awful.