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    Hi, Interviewer Here.

    Casey Muratori has been building a commercial video game on twitch since 2014. His approach is building everything from scratch, no libraries, and not using much besides a very strict subset of C++. In this interview, he shares his story with lots of details on why he thinks people are making things too complex and why he thinks teaching ‘modern’ languages and frameworks makes things harder for the learner.

    Let me know if you have any feedback on the interview

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      Just listened to it this morning - it was a great interview.

      PS. Thanks for getting transcripts made and making them available!

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        I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m working on adding transcripts for back episodes as well.

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        Great interview, I really enjoyed it.

        I do have one small correction. Maybe a very pedantic one.

        He’s writing C code in spirit. In practice he’s writing C++ code that cannot be compiled by any C compiler. It’s just such a strict subset of C++ (outside of dynamic dispatch I’m hard pressed to name any other C++ feature) that you might be tricked into believing it is C code.

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          Thanks for listening. That is a good point, he is using the c++ compiler, and operator overloading and maybe a couple of other things. I edited the above.

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            (C++)– is a pretty standard practice in game programming for a while now.

            This is due in no small part to Microsoft dragging its heels on supporting more modern C standards in MSVC for near decades.

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          Cool to see this here. Big fan of the podcast, been listening since the beginning! :)

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            I’m the host, thanks for listening!

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              in a similar thrust to Casey’s making this entire game from scratch, have you seen Charles Childers’ The Code It Yourself Manifesto? It is the second to bottom-most link in the left-hand column, I can’t find a way to link to it directly!

              Loved the episode, too!

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                Thanks! This forth guide is interesting itself.

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