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    Unrelated to the content, but related to the title: the term “conspiracy theorists” doesn’t make sense. There is no such thing. There is no group of people you can point to and say, “Oh, those are the conspiracy theorists.” Just about everyone at some point in their life will make a theory about a conspiracy, and some of them will be right, and some of them will be wrong.

    So I do wish people would stop using it. It’s been turned into a derogatory, defamatory term, like “retards”. It serves primarily to inflame conflict, put down people, and isn’t needed to get whatever point you’re trying to make across.

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      You’re definitely hitting a great point. The title was a dumb attempt at trying to make it click-baity. I agree it’s derogatory and doesn’t describe properly what I’ve been referring to, in the article I’m clearly saying I’m tackling the conspiracy itself not “conspiracy theorists”.
      Thanks for your valuable input!

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        Some people seem to make a hobby of proselytizing many conspiracy theories.

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        I agree that the actual title, “No, Alfa isn’t draining your data without your knowledge”, fits the article much better – why don’t you change it here? (Also, it’s “proving”).

        Nice write-up otherwise!

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          The edit period has passed unfortunately.