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    After discussing with the Steering Council, we are considering delaying the final release until December to allow for two more beta releases.

    That’s disappointing. They couldn’t even keep up the yearly cadence for more than a single cycle. I wonder if they tried to tackle too much.

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      I’d be far more disappointed if they released a low-quality release to meet an arbitrary release cadence. Agree it’s a shame, but it’s the right call.

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        Afaik this was partly just because 3.11 had a bunch of very fundamental changes that ended up resulting in more drastic bugs than expected.

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          Don’t other projects that are trying to do a release cadence only promote big or numerous changes once they as a collective reach a certain stability?

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        Looks like as of now, there is only one release blocker. Seems like it will still wait for December, since it’s been slightly more than a week.