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    Find my phone and android equivalents can be great, but I’ve heard reports of police not acting on tips for various reasons including, “Well they might be in this street somewhere, but it could be any of those 20 houses”, and even if it definitely looks like one particular house, it could be out by 10 meters, placing it in a whole other property. And if the police can’t get a warrant, just knocking on the door to just say, “ Did you steal a phone?” is probably going to be pointless. If the police don’t do anything about it then you probably shouldn’t visit either, you could be assaulted, mugged, they might steal your car too, or just stab you.

    If everyone were prepared to brick their phone remotely if they can’t get it back within 24 hours then we could make stolen phones worthless. Unfortunately I’m sure most stolen phones are not bricked for various reasons.