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    In addition to the repo, there’s a Twitter thread from the author describing the reverse engineering process in more detail.

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      At least we didn’t have to wait forever :D

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        Though if you just want to play DN2 without DOSBoxing it, RigelEngine is excellent.

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          I was a bit confused by why it was only DN2. It turns out that the games that I’d always thought of as Duke Nukem 1-3 are actually the three episodes of Duke Nukem 1 and Duke Nukem 2 is an entirely different game that I’ve never played. Always fun to discover that there’s an opportunity to build more nostalgia post facto. I replayed the original trilogy during the first lockdown.

          I haven’t played Duke3D for a long time, I remember it having quite a fun single player (or co-op) campaign. Quake (which was technically more impressive and had a load of great mods for multiplayer and came out at about the same time) was tedious in single player. I completed the first episode once and did play through a few of the levels of the later ones, but it was a terrible shareware decision because there was enough of the game in the free version to get bored. I wouldn’t have bought it if not for LAN parties.