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As there’s a couple of people posting events here, I’ll just keep it simple an post our full (known) lineup for this year instead of each, one by one.

I run RustFest, I’d be happy to answer any question! (CFP is still open, by the way)


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    “In this talk, I will describe my experiences at Microsoft building a new operating system written entirely in a Rust-like safe systems language. I will also talk about my subsequent efforts taking those experiences and applying them to the heart of Windows, and the associated technical and cultural challenges. “ (Joe Duffy of Microsoft Midori)

    I’m already regretting I can’t be there. His write-ups on Midori showed it to be some amazing research. I’m sure his talk plus any collaboration with him on improving or utilizing Rust in system software would all be really interesting. Hopefully, it inspires some practical work down the line.

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      While definitely not the same as hearing the talk and able to talk to the speaker afterwards, talks should be recorded and available online after the conference.

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        Appreciate the tip!

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        We love exchanges with other programming language communities, in both ways :). For example, Aaron Turon was keynote speaker at the Scala Days a while ago.

        I can’t chat too much, but we have at least a teasing submission in that category for RustFest, too.