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    As someone who uses Linux audio extensively, I was really excited to see PipeWire gain traction over the past years. I am, however, much less thrilled about WirePlumber being pushed as the canonical PipeWire session manager, essentially turning PipeWire into another brick in the systemd wall.

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      Is there a session manager you prefer?

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        Perhaps I should rephrase: My problem isn’t with WirePlumber as such (I haven’t tried it yet), but the with the fact that it requires systemd.

        Are there options any besides WirePlumber and pipewire-media-session? Anything that runs on a runit-based system and allows me to at least somewhat conveniently route audio between applications would do, really.

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          WirePlumber does not require systemd. For example, in Gentoo, we have WirePlumber being used on both OpenRC and systemd installations. I use it on both.

          It has supported elogind for a few months - notably around the time the default changed/the push towards WP began, so it’s not like it happened afterwards.

          I also think that it works without a logind implementation at all.

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            Ha, I completely missed that. I last tried to set up PipeWire in December and couldn’t get WirePlumber to work on Void. Seems that was right around the time when elogind support was added.

            Anyway, thanks a lot for this information!

            Edit: Just added qpwgraph to my setup for easy routing, works like a charm.

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            Void has wireplumber but no systemd, so…?

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            Subscribing to learn the answer. I don’t use a session manager at all on my own systems (Void Linux, no systemd) Interested to hear about options.

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          Then, in April, Fedora 34 became the first Linux distribution to ship PipeWire as its default audio service.

          Wasn’t it used in Arch earlier than that?

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            I use it in Arch, but I had to install it explicitly.

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              Interesting. For me it on one update simply replaced pulseaudio with pipewire, which is how I even learned about that project. Must have been added as a dependency then or something like that. Was surprised because it was even newer than it is now back then.

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                It might be that it is the default selected implementation for satisfying pulseaudio dependency now.

                Which would be sensible; pulseaudio is crap.

                Before pipewire, I used jack with a fake alsa device fed into jack for compatibility with non-jack apps.