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    Totally missing my personal favorite, Open Collective.

    [Open Collective lets] any open source project with at least 100 stars on GitHub join under their umbrella where they will act as a host organization so that you can start collecting donations (both one-off and recurring) and paying expenses without the headache of setting up a 501(c)(3) and a formal structure.

    For something small, highly customizable, and really slick to use as both developer and donator, I love Donorbox. When I see an open-source project I benefit from include the Donorbox button I’m super excited because I know it’s going to be easy to donate (example, bottom of page).

    These are my two favorites. There’s also awesome-paid-open-source with some links to competing services and general articles about the state of things.

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      As mentioned elsewhere on lobste.rs today, BountySource has been acquired by some third party. I tracked down tyil on some backwater IRC network and let him know.