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    I used to be plagued by around two excruciating migraines a week…..

    Then I tried a low carb diet to lose weight (which I did, 9kgs, and have kept it off)…..

    But an unexpected side effect of ketosis has been to completely halt gastric reflux, and to reduce the migraines to about 1 a month / or 1 per two months.

    I’m certainly not alone in reporting this side effect, but I no longer care about the nutritional science or the weight loss….. I no longer have to serenade the porcelain throne twice a week!

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      I feel your pain.

      I get migraines from time to time… probably around 6-8 a month. I can get lucky and have a two-week break or longer, or I might have a bad spell and have 3-4 in a week. I’ve been on various diets and throughout the last forty years I have yet to encounter anything that actually affects their onset in a reliable manner. It’s a shame, really, as I’d love to eat or exclude [x,y,z] and be rid of this ailment. But the latest research points to it being a hormone balance thing, so I may be so far out of whack nothing in my overall environment will knock it back into the normal range.

      I keep triptans on hand now. They work.

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        Certainly not all folk have reported success with low carb and migraines.

        I suspect the key for those fortunates for which it does work is to formally enter ketosis. ie. That’s a very low carb diet. Less than 20gr carb a day!

        /r/keto has a bunch of FAQS and how to’s on that.

        I keep my triptans around… but they are growing dusty and unused.

        Good Luck to you! You need it!