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Note: You do not need to start a trial to get the book, just filling out the form and hitting submit will email the book to your email address.


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    This is less of a book and more of a pamphlet. It’s 42 (small-sized) PDF pages, with 33 pages of actual content (including blank pages). I don’t think it’s useful if you’re at all familiar with HTTP cache-control settings and dealing with CDNs. For example, the pamphlet takes several pages to explain what caching is, and another few pages to explain what a CDN does.

    btw, they should make it more clear that this is specifically about HTTP (aka Web) caching, and not other kinds of caching. (I know they say “at the front end”, and maybe that’s a known way to refer to it, but it was unclear to me until I read the “book”.)

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      Has anyone read this book before? Is it any good?