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    “Inkscape’s devs have worked to design a merged Layers and Object dialog in 1.2”

    It’s been about 1.5 years since trying to use inkscape on a real project, but coming from the Adobe/Sketch world this was a huge frustration - Neat to see it’s being improved.

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      I never used Inkscape but the UI/UX looks very polished from a newcomer perspective: it makes me want to use it even if my drawing skills are stick man grade !

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        Inkscape has become a lot more polished over the years. Been using it since 0.92. 1.2 is a fabulous release.

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          I’ve only used very sparingly and for simple stuff throughout the years, but i’ve always had this really nice feeling of of things being a bit better every time i used it, both in terms how UI polish but also in snappiness/performance :)

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            I started using it to get away from tikz, and I gotta say it was the right choice

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            This version is incredibly better on my Mac! The first usable one since the move away from X11