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The Persona After-Action Report is also interesting.


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    That’s so frustrating. Persona was one of the easiest to implement, and easiest to understand, SSO options I knew of. I suppose that means that the only game in town is now OpenID Connect.

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      I’m not sure anything is actually changing. They’re just saying they’re done, right? The wording did confuse me a little whether it’s going away or not, but at the end I concluded tomorrow’s persona will work the same as yesterday’s persona.

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        There are no plans to decommission Persona. If it fits your needs, please use it. We will support you.

        Specifically, Mozilla staff will continue to resolve critical bugs, service disruptions, and security issues.

        Looks like it’s not going anywhere, just transitioning out of Mozilla into community-maintainence.

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          I don’t share your optimism. Mozilla now has zero developers working on Persona, so in a narrow, technical sense, I suppose that means they’re done. But they never managed to implement BrowserID in their own browser, let alone getting even one other major vendor to support Persona. While Persona may continue to exist, I definitely think that this puts the kibosh on it gaining wide acceptance. Comments from Mozilla’s own Persona team seem to support my take-away.

          (Also interesting in the linked thread is FastMail talking about the relative difficulty of becoming a Persona authenticator. While consuming Persona was easy, apparently part of the problem is that being a Persona provider emphatically wasn’t.)

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      This statement has been a while coming but I’m glad it’s (finally) been made.

      I’ve known for some time (from an IRC discussion) that there are currently no engineers at Mozilla working on Persona full time. We’ll continue to use it on forums across our platform (e.g. http://forum.espruino.com/) for the foreseeable future though.

      I hope very much that community ownership is viable long-term. Open source projects don’t (just) die from lack of contributors or users, they die from lack of direction too. But there is a healthly list of contributors, so I hope this won’t be the case.

      On a more practical note, the fact that the server is node.js is a blocker to me contributing at the present moment. Regardless of the merits of the technology, it’s one that I don’t know and don’t have time to learn. I think it would have been better to write it using a more established and widely known technology. There is a far larger pool of Java/Python/Ruby server programmers.

      I wish I could be more constructive, but (one of) our original considerations for using Persona was to free up some of our development time for other features. I contribute to various open source projects but I don’t have time to do that for everything.