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    Take this as constructive criticism, but when I see “for all languages”, I’m immediately skeptical, and then annoyed when the languages I’m interested in aren’t supported. Saying “Linting and fixing code for tons of languages” sounds just as good, and is more honest.

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      I do see your point but when coala was started the goal was to have one liter interface to unite them all. We are constantly working towards extending support for more languages by adding more linters to our list. If you don’t see the languages you want supported by coala then you can make an issue over here: https://github.com/coala/coala-bears/issues

      Btw which languages did you not find support for?

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        Just a data point: Quickly searching through the Languages section for “Lisp” (Common Lisp) or “Scheme” doesn’t turn up anything.

        I’m somewhere in-between on the “all languages” thing. I prefer tools that cover a lot of ground while being good enough, but it’s hard to get to the good enough state.

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          Thanks for bringing it to my notice, I’ll make an issue for scheme, lisp and racket bears.

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      coala provides a command line interface to deal with various linter tools (known as coala bears) through a single configuration file for the whole project. This saves users time since they don’t have to learn how to configure multiple linters for their project. coala uses two kinds of bears

      • Linter Bears that are python wrappers around external linter tools (for e.g. the bear for JavaScript Standard Style in coala is called as JSStandardsBear)
      • Native Bear that are python implementations of a specific code analysis algorithms plugged into coala without using any external tools.

      Another other aspect of coala that makes it a very exciting project to work with is the beginner-friendly community that makes it easy for amateur developers to get started with contributing to open source software.

      To find out more visit the following link https://github.com/coala/coala

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        Goddammit Strewth! Koalas aren’t bears!

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          A lot of these linter plugins appear to be licensed under the AGPL, so heads up if your organization has concerns about this license.