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    Can I ssh -X yet?

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      You can

      waypipe ssh user@theserver weston-terminal!

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      Wayland is not an option for me until the Zoom application (not the paralyzed browser version) works in it.

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        Thought this was just my funky setup.

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        Wayland doesn’t have to be a whole project. I simply set Pop OS to use Wayland, and most things just work. I had to tinker with Firefox to make it use Wayland natively instead of Xwayland and enable hardware acceleration, and a few things like screensharing are still wonky (is it Flatpak problems or Wayland problems, or both?), but mostly I don’t notice that I’m running Wayland instead of X11.

        EDIT: I will say that this did not go as smoothly when I tried to switch my Pinebook Pro running Manjaro KDE to Wayland, I had to revert back to X11. I may have to try Sway or something instead.