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    This is great news, I miss distributed VCS competition days (darcs, bazaar, monotone), all have their distinct use cases/features, I’ll definitely will move some projects and try it once implemented.

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      darcs! Those were the days.

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      What is it that keeps Mercurial from using python 3? It looks like the only thing using python2.7 on my system.

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        It’s a big porting effort. hg essentially works with bytes, not with strings, and having the fundamental string type change from being bytes to codepoints is a huge disruption. PEP 461 was a big request of the hg devs before any porting could happen. That just made it feasible to port; now all that’s left is a lot of hard work.

        Progress is being made, but slowly.

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          There was also the “Python startup time” issue, which is probably less of an issue in comparison to what @JordiGH pointed out - but it’s nonetheless interesting.

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            AIUI, Gregory’s current attempt towards fixing that seems to be to have a Rust loader that only starts up Python for tasks that would take long enough to justify paying the startup time.

            The Python devs are also trying to reduce warmup time, but I’m a bit skeptical that they’ll manage to bring it down far enough.