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suggestion: swift

Also please document how to suggest new tags for those cases when it is appropriate to do so.


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    You know what? That’d be first tag I’d hide. I doesn’t like/dislike the language itself, but it feels like clutter for me if I can’t even try it on my machine. Or hack on, for that matter.

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      I’d have to agree.

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        The traditional means is to submit a story that is related via some other tag, and then mention something in the comments to determine if there’s interest in it. Also, take a look through the meta tag to see how some other people approached it.

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          Hi Kyle. I posted this story that contrasts Go and Swift but I couldn’t also tag it with swift. https://lobste.rs/s/nd1pi1/go_is_a_shop-built_jig

          It is my first time posting to Lobste.rs, and I just signed up recently. I didn’t even know there was a meta tag and what it was for. jcs hasn’t made it very clear what to do for missing tags. See the linked GitHub issue above.