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    About once a year, somebody asks why OpenBSD doesn’t support transparent huge pages. Because it’s insanely complicated and can only lead to bugs seems like a good answer. :)

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      Kind of off topic: what’s with the crazy DD.MM.YY date format?

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        sigh It’s the traditional US order to write those fields in. Abbreviating years to two digits was common until the year 2000. Really it’s not a great idea to normalize two-digit years because it will make a lot of engineering work at the turn of every century…

        Edit: Wait, I got that backwards. DD.MM is the European order. But regardless, ISO-8601 or go home.

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          Agree 100%, ISO8601 4 lyfe.

          The US ordering is bonkers. ISO is YYYY-MM-DD, European (well, German, mostly) is DD.MM.YYYY. So far, big vs little endian.

          But wtf is MM/DD/YYYY? Oh, it’s a numeric representation of the English idiom “December 1, 2017”? I guess we can call that middle-endian…