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    Main changes:

      Moby = open source development
      Docker CE = free product release based on Moby
      Docker EE = commercial product release based on Docker CE.
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      What is it with tech companies and fucking terrible name/branding analogies?

      Docker. Ok, works with containers I get… wait. Your logo is a WHALE with a bunch of shipping containers on it. You know that whales DISAPPEAR underwater for hours at a time, and shipping containers are NOT MEANT TO DO THAT?

      Ok ok maybe it was an honest mistake hey whats this new thing moby.. wait. Whales. Moby. Moby dick? Your project is named after a mythical white whale that sank boats, the very thing that actually carry CONTAINERS. Having said all that, based on this [1] summary of Docker’s usefulness in production from February, maybe both names are absolutely on-point for the reality of this abysmal ‘product’.

      1. https://thehftguy.com/2017/02/23/docker-in-production-an-upd
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        Moby? It’s over. Nobody listens to techno.

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          Let’s go!

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            Hah, so says the REO Speedwagon fan! :P

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            sigh It’s as if they didn’t learn from Google’s naming of Go (rather ironic, as Docker is written in Go…). Now we’ll need to search for “Moby container” or similar so that we don’t end up at the site of a bald descendant of Herman Melville…

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              Or, just don’t search for it. I don’t have trouble distinguishing results for microsoft’s terrible language VB with the terrible beer VB, because I distance myself from both.

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            Hopefully the name change will sink this project. ?