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    This is an mirror of a post from John Carmack. Recently I learned that his articles on #AltDevBlog are no longer acessible. So, in order to archive them, I am re-posting them here. These articles are definitely good reads and worth to be preserved.

    I wonder what the legality of that is.

    Anyway, this makes me think about a practice I’m soon to begin, which is similar but not quite this parallel implementations. That is, having multiple implementations with different strengths, but written in different languages and so one is not intended to supplant the other, but more or less compare the two languages for the basic problem, likely with certain additions attuned to the strengths of each.

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      I wonder what the legality of that is.

      I don’t know about the legality but Carmack himself was pretty happy the article was saved: https://twitter.com/ID_AA_Carmack/status/1156639168002428931