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    This is, in my biased opinion, the best thing in browsing since tabbed browsing.

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      I’m with you on that, it’s an absurdly good feature. And it makes Chromes container-per-window thing feel clumsy by comparison.

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      This speaks to the importance of the Test Pilot program for experimental add-ons. It’s a smart way for Mozilla to gather feedback on new UI features like the Multi-Account Containers, so they can make sure they are polished (or on the other hand, not worth releasing at all). I’m happy to see Containers graduate into a full-fledged add-on in AMO.

      I thought that they might build a feature like this into the browser itself, rather than an add-on, but I think it’s smart to have some power user features relegated to add-ons, even if they are official Mozilla ones.

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        It’s actually built in – it’s built in to nightly (maybe beta? idk) and will probably be there in the 57 release (maybe 56). They prototyped it in an addon and are sharing the addon since it isn’t built in in the current release, but in a future release it will be built in.

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        We’ve actually found this to be very inconvenient. We have enough shared memory that every Irene generally does want to use the same cookie jar. We do know larger systems who have separate social-media accounts for individual headmates or subsystems, but they generally still use one cookie jar for all of them.

        … Oh, wait, it’s not actually a feature intended for people with multiple personalities (which is dated terminology that doesn’t reflect contemporary understanding). It’s a shitty metaphor that makes for a snappy headline as long as you forget it’s about real people, whose existence is erased so that we can keep being a punchline. Right. Why didn’t I realize that immediately?


        Anyway, this does seem useful for having a personal and a work container that share the same Mozilla account. It also seems useful for social media managers, but I haven’t done that kind of work so I’m guessing.

        It’s interesting to compare it to how Chrome profiles work - you can have any number of them, and each one can sync to a different Google account. I do sometimes need to create empty profiles which don’t have their own Google accounts to test things, and it would be convenient to be able to sync them to multiple devices. So maybe the feature would help with that case, too.

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          Yeah, the careless language here is pretty unfortunate.

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            Update: after some back-channel conversation (lobste.rs wasn’t mentioned), the blog post changed its title. I’ve pulled in the change here as well. I would do that for any other post that was changed upstream, although as noted I have personal feelings about this one.

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              There are other use cases:

              • work and private gmail
              • use the shopping container for shopping and enjoy not being tracked through the web with repetitive ads
              • use the banking container for banking and you can be sure that CSRF won’t work from shady tabs in other containers
              • isolate Facebook so its like-button does not track you all over the web I could go on.
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                Big corporate and state propaganda campaigns have been using tools like this for ages. I think the official term of art was “persona management”. We usually call it “sockpuppeting”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Earnest_Voice for example.

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              So glad to hear they’ve added this feature. I currently work around the lack of it with multiple profiles, which just stinks :) Especially compared to Chrome’s multi-user support.