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    tldr; (But you should read it because it is accessible)

    • A tiny minority of physicists think that noise at the bit level will drown out any benefits of quantum computing
    • The opponents state
      • Their model of noise is unrealistic
      • They use a computational argument to draw conclusions about limits of engineering, and with enough money thrown at it, the noise will be controlled (seems like the old tussle between a theoretician saying something is impossible and the engineer’s dream of proving it wrong by tinkering)
      • The theory they use has been developed for large quantum systems, but they apply it to small quantum systems

    I found this review to be “fair and balanced” and I was impressed by the even tone of the person interviewed (Gil Kalai): he presents both his arguments and the arguments against, as a real scientist should when discussing their work with laymen. It’s not us-vs-them, but rather this idea against that idea.