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    Thanks! Having a place to sleep during a hackathon is very important to me and this makes it happen :)

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      That, and the fact there is a hackathon to start with!

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        What? Why are you wasting valuable hacking time sleeping? ;)

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          At the very least, one could sleep on the keyboard, like real hackers. Then blame the cat for all the noise. There is a cat in the hackathon room, right?

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          This is excellent! It makes finances much more robust than single sponsors that can drop out at any moment. Although I don’t use OpenBSD currently, I donated a small amount because OpenBSD, OpenSSH, LibreSSL, et al. are crucial to the security ecosystem and I encourage other non-OpenBSD users to donate as well.

          Keep up the good work!

          Edit: OpenSSH, thanks rjc :).

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            You obviously meant OpenSSH ;^)

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            Great reminder to donate again!