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    FreeBSD packages are built from the FreeBSD Ports Collection, which is mostly bmake makefiles. We have a pretty decent autoformater (portfmt) and a linter (portclippy). There is even portedit, which lets you edit See https://github.com/t6/portfmt for more details.

    Perhaps this codebase could be adapted for GNU makefile as well.

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      I’m doing a little side project that involves linting Makefiles and one thing I could use is a Makefile parser. The linked project has a simple parser, but I’ve been unable to find anything more comprehensive.

      Suggestions welcome.

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        Have you looked here?

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          That one is new to me; thanks!

          I also found this small parser in JS: https://github.com/kba/makefile-parser

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        I have not tried this, but it might be just the thing we were asking for in the discussion yesterday