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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.


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    I finished the first draft of my package manager at work. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it open sourced. It’s for an extensible command line application kinda like how git works, but not implicitly tied to a version control system. We’re using it for swiss-army-knife like operations, with additional features being able to be implemented as arbitrary executables. The “package manager” is really the plugin system (a happy frontend to git repos).

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      I found out that all the code using the SIP stack sip.js is for the old API, which was deprecated 21 days ago; I started work 24 days ago. Fortunately I well-abstracted most of the SIP stuff into it’s own unit and so it doesn’t require me to change too much. I just have to re-learn the whole API… 😭

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        It was recently confirmed that Pat Volkerding, maintainer of Slackware Linux, (the oldest maintained Linux distribution at 26 years) now has a Patreon site. I just signed up for $5 per month after donating $250 via his PayPal account, and I’m really happy to finally have a way to support this distribution on a continuing basis, and to know the money is going directly to him.

        I clearly have other stuff going on this week, some of it Slackware-based, but I thought this was important enough to highlight, especially after Pat’s call for help last year (house was basically falling down around his ears after the operators of his online store only gave him a 15% cut, meaning that he was trying to get by on $15,000 a year for maintaining a full Linux distribution). This guy is dedicated to Linux.

        I thought about making a separate post about this topic, but I wasn’t sure how to do it while staying within the community guidelines, so I posted it as a “this is what I’m excited about this week”.

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          I seriously wonder why he had to buy a UEFI machine. Much less well-known projects get hardware donated to them. If there’s demand for UEFI support in the community, a user could easily spare him an old laptop.

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          At work, I’m still working on supporting the new terrain/elevation API in our Android plugin. I have an email out to the vendor asking a few questions about coordinate systems and a few API parameters, so hopefully I’ll get a response to that. Until then, I’m working on the JNI layer and packet decoding using hard coded quadtree addresses.

          Outside of work, I need to put my bike back together. I stripped it down to the frame to clean it over the weekend, and this afternoon I’m putting it back together.

          And I’m still sortting through pictures from the CO Trail (removing duplicates and blurry images, tagging, etc.). I ended up with thousand photos over the month, so I have my work cut out for me.

          And I’m reading “The Meaning of Art,” which I’d like to finish this week, and “Elementary Surveying,” which I’ll finish sometime this month or next.

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            Are you wrapping a publicly available library with JNI? Just curious, its been a while since I’ve done GIS, and I’m wondering what is available these days in C that isn’t available in Java.

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              Something like that…

              We’re writing a plugin for ATAK so that it can load Portable Globe files “cut” by Google Earth Enterprise.

              The bulk of the plugin is Java code to hook into the ATAK plugin system and provide map layers, but underneath that we have a JNI layer that calls into OpenGEE’s C++ code to unpack and decode the portable globe files.

              The imagery layers were relatively easy because ATAK supports PNG and JPEG images that get stored in the quadtree packets in the portable files. Terrain and vector layers are more work because we have to translate on the fly between what’s stored in the files and what ATAK needs.

              ATAK recently added a new TIN based API for providing terrain/elevation data, so I’m refactoring our JNI code to use that in addition to the older method. In theory it will speed up terrain display and calculations (like viewshed) by reducing the number of function calls between our plugin and the ATAK code, since we’ll move entire buffers of terrain data at once. Right now it’s just crashing in interesting ways, though ;-)

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            Doing a demo for work in south Texas! Disadvantages: south Texas, in August. Advantages: I get to see my code fly.

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              What are you doing in South Texas that uses code? Oil/Gas?

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                Nope, though there’s certainly a lot of it in the vicinity. My company makes drone autonomy systems and is doing a tech demo collaborating with Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

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              • More yak shaving updating infra-related tools packages, so that I can get a client’s server setup scripts updated
              • Probably some more arginfo stubs for PHP (re: https://externals.io/message/106522#106522)
              • Probably more plumbing. 4 out of 5 water filters installed so far.
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                One of my teams is going to have to grow, both in size and in area of responsibility, as we discover more and more abandoned yet still business critical functions in a variety of systems. The problem domain we’re tackling is basically tech debt, but it’s distributed across a wide variety of places and there are crosspressures from a variety of non-engineering stakeholders that is going to make actually fixing things a nightmare not from a technical perspective, but rather from a political one. Oh well! That’s why I get paid the moderate bucks.

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                  Hopefully not a thing. I am on holiday.

                  I will, undoubtedly, end up doing some technical work anyway, but it’s not in the plan.

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                    Busy tuning firmware to drive a Cat-M1 module on a new board, loving working on hardware!

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                      Holidays continues.

                      I’m off to Zermatt and Matterhorn tomorrow, which should take the day.

                      After that, I’ll take the Glacial Express to Chur, and hopefully going on a few toboggan runs south of Chur with my 360 cam.

                      Then I’m off to Tirano with the Bernina Express, and I’ll end on Thursday in Venice for a few days :-)

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                        Cleaning up the house after getting back from Recurse Center. Came home to a RAID having kicked a drive, so that’s great. It’s weird…doesn’t feel like home again yet. :(

                        At least my dog is happy to see me. :)

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                          How was RC?

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                          • Adding the final touches to an eight-month project that, I’m hoping, will finally ship this week. I need to get some last-minute confirmation about certain information, and I’m hoping my contacts will deliver.

                          • Continuing on babysitting a project for a colleague on vacation. Luckily, one major project I was assigned had its deadline pushed until after the colleague returns from vacation, so that is sigh of relief.


                          • Girlfriend is cooking buffalo chicken soup, so I’ll head over to her place and catch up on some reality TV and begin the second season of The Americans.

                          • I’m still playing Starsector, the space game I’m linked to last week. Side note: I’m interested in learning Java to contribute mods to the game, but I’m a little hesitant on the development environment that comes with it. I really like C/C++ for its ability to compile to an executable, while in Java one must rely on JAR files. I’m totally new to the language, so if anyone has any recommendations on what I should read, I’m all ears.

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                            I’m considering learning Mithril v2. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

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                              @Work: Learning/Testing .NET Core to eventually rewrite our Python/Django stack + Testing if PostgreSQL’s materialized views could help to speed-up some statistics heavy reports/webpage.

                              @Home: Doing a bit more workout in the morning and try to add self myofascial release + looking for a toy project to build in Rust :)