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    Often, people want to do simple things, such as renaming a function, adding an argument to a method or splitting a module up. None of these is hard to do, but with the size of our codebase it becomes impossible for a human to find every line that needs modifying

    This sounds like quite a trivial refactoring for an IDE to perform on a typed language? Lately it has even been possible to perform such refactorings on Javascript/TypeScript codebases using Intellij. I haven’t written production Python code in a while, but it seems Python is lacking behind in this space? Even though it does support type annotation by now.

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      I really wonder what all these commits are. IG is mostly a mobile app, but this is about their backend, so it is not any of the image processing

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        several million lines and a few thousand Django endpoints

        How does a social media-sharing backend get that complex? Of course there’s some complexity related to scaling, but why are there thousands of endpoints in a service that doesn’t have that many features? What are they for?