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If you aware of positions at your employer, here is an opportunity to post them.


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    Cab we have a ‘Who wants to be hired?’ thread please? Like the last time … https://lobste.rs/s/dyu8ms/who_wants_be_hired_q2y2019_edition

    Thanks :)

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      Great Idea! Feel free to post one.

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      Company: Lightspeed

      Company site: https://www.lightspeedhq.com

      Position(s): Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, Information Security Specialist, Salesforce Developer, Technical Writer

      Location: Montreal, Ghent, Amsterdam, Toronto


      Lightspeed is a point of sale SaaS provider. We have products for retail, restaurant, eCommerce, payments, loyalty and recently golf. We use a fair amount of different tech depending on the team you’re on. We have technical debt, but we actively work to combat it. We have developer openings in Montreal, Amsterdam, and Ghent at the moment, but we’re often open to the right candidate even if there isn’t a posting that exactly fits you. We’ve got plenty of challenges and ambitious goals. Our dev managers are former developers, and we do our best to make sure the techincal aspects of the product are prioritized as well as the business aspects.

      Some of our stack: MySQL, PHP, Java, Go, Python (primarily for test automation), React, Node, GraphQL, REST.

      We’re on AWS and GCP (migrating to GCP). We use lots of fancy cloud technology: k8s, terraform, helm, docker, etc.

      Check out our current openings here: https://www.lightspeedhq.com/careers/overview/all/ and feel free to apply online, or reach out to me directly.

      This is my second time working at LS, I left and then came back, and it’s overall a pretty great place to work.

      Contact: Feel free to PM me if you have questions

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        Company: Decisiv

        Company site: https://www.decisiv.com

        Position(s): Database Administrator, Postgres

        Location: Remote (USA)


        Decisiv has recently shifted our core platform to use Amazon Aurora for Postgres and is looking for an experienced and results-oriented database administrator to help us in our continued growth and success.

        Decisiv is a rapidly-growing industry leader in the asset management and service supply chain marketplace. Our size means you’ll have major opportunities to expand your skill-set and contribute in a big way to the future of our products. Accordingly, our employees are a group of self-starters, eager to produce quickly and solve big problems for our customers. We’re agile, flexible, and autonomous, working remotely via Slack, GitHub, Jira, Confluence, and Zoom.

        Your career growth and development is top-of-mind for us too. You’ll learn a lot here. We truly believe that your success is our success. And while we will expect a lot from you, we also value your life outside of work; recharging is important, and we strive to offer an environment that reflects that.

        Contact: Feel free to PM me if you have questions

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          We’re looking for an experienced (senior-level) Python dev (Flask experience a big plus) to work on our front-end middle-end code. Good SQL experience is likewise a big plus. As we’re migrating some old PHP code, it would be nice if you had some experience with that too.

          Austin, TX, USA is preferred but I believe (don’t quote me on it) that remote work is possible. US citizenship is required.

          PM me for more information.

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            In my day we called it middleware.

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              Python dev with Flask and SQL experience for front-end code? Are you sure that’s correct?

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                “Front end” in this case being “API that talks to our engine on one side and the JavaScript UI on the other.” “Middle-end” sounded weird. The API itself is also going to be directly consumable by customers as well.

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                  Friendly advice: the kids will be very confused if you call this front-end. (I didn’t really know this use of “front-end” until pretty recently).

                  I think language has shifted here. What you’re describing is just a backend web developer.

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                    Ugh, kids these days with their long hair and their rock music and their perfectly reasonable evolution of terminology…..I’ve updated the comment, thank you. :)

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                    Yeah, that’s middleware. Tons of it in enterprise space.

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                      Middle-end is what I’ve called it at other jobs. :)

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                  Company: Twitter

                  Company site: https://careers.twitter.com/


                  Location: San Francisco or Boston (USA)


                  We’re looking for people who’ve written code and cared about production to help us lead the Revenue SRE team (either as a manager or as a tech lead).

                  Twitter’s revenue organization operates services at massive scale. We are looking for engineers who want to build beautiful, simple tools and services to help their colleagues safely release code into production. We serve a diverse and growing set of customers who rely on you and your team to reliably and quickly develop features. You will be responsible for helping colleagues to run the largest production services at Twitter and support almost $3 billion in yearly advertising revenue.

                  Contact: Company policy requires you to apply through the career link, but you can also email ${MY_HANDLE}@twitter.com

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                    Company: Enthought

                    Company site: https://www.enthought.com/careers/


                    • Software Developer: Scientific Applications
                    • Scientific Software Developer/Python Trainer
                    • Technical Lead: Life Sciences
                    • Software Developer: Bioinformatics
                    • Software Architect
                    • Full Stack Developer
                    • Front End Developer
                    • Manager Marketing Communications

                    Location: Austin, Houston, Cambridge, Tokyo

                    Description: If you are passionate about scientific and analytic computing, dedicated to quality, and pragmatic about problem solving, we’d love to hear from you. While domain expertise and strong technical skills are almost always required, we weigh “really smart,” “highly productive,” and “dedicated to developing quality products” more heavily than any specific skill set or degree.

                    Ideal software developer candidates often have a strong background in scientific fields, but also find themselves gravitating to the software development and design aspects of their work. Read more about the developer profile we think fits best at Enthought.

                    Contact: PM me or email me at $(MY_USERNAME)@enthought.com

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                      If you are interested in using your skills to have a positive impact on people’s lives, Outschool is hiring senior software engineers.

                      I would be happy to answer your questions.

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                        Company: ddm marketing & communications

                        Positions: Frontend Designer / Developer, Backend Developer

                        Location: Grand Rapids. MI


                        On the frontend position, we’re really focused on design - there’s always some architecture and wire framing that goes in, but our real need at this time is design. The majority of the work will be (as in our name) marketing and communications websites.

                        Frontend at ddm is a position designed to be well supported by backend - backend steps in to assist with integration, build process and pipeline, and javascript. If you’re not totally up-to-speed on the latest in the JS world, that won’t be a big deal. But if you are: fantastic, all the better!

                        Our backend is primarily PHP. We currently have an in-house CMS, but the tides are turning toward other solutions (but not toward Wordpress). Familiarity with Laravel in backend devs is a big bonus as that’s gaining a foothold and will be a part of our future direction.

                        Backend devs are often on larger sales integration and tooling projects; tools used internally by companies in healthcare, finance, and education. We do boring stuff like SAP integration and fun stuff like AR tools and toys.

                        Big, big plus if you’ve also done mobile app development in iOS and/or Android.

                        We are a client service company focused on effective solutions. We pay competitively and have a profit-sharing bonus program that includes all employees with over a year of tenure. As well as a rewards program for working out that can earn you extra paid time off or extra cash.

                        If any of that sounds interesting, PM me with questions.

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                          Company: Vade Secure
                          Company site: https://www.vadesecure.com
                          Position(s): DevOps, sysadmin, SRE (whatever you called it ;))
                          Location: France (Hem, Paris), Canada (Montreal, Vancouver) or Japan (Tokyo)
                          Description: From our website:

                          Vade Secure is a global leader in predictive email defense, protecting 600 million mailboxes in 76 countries. We help MSPs and SMBs protect their Office 365 users from advanced email threats, including phishing, spear phishing, and malware.

                          While we have a bunch of openings, I’m mostly looking for some new coworkers in my Ops team. If you know emails and how to administrate a server, reach out to me? :)
                          The opening’s pdf is available at https://box.vadesecure.com/index.php/s/iRFqWbXdrmbdwMc
                          Contact: lobstershr@chown.me

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                            We are hiring for a wide range of positions at Datto. Feel free to PM me for details on the positions, if you are interested.

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                              Company: LeanTaaS

                              Company site: https://leantaas.com/

                              Position(s): Python and Java backend engineers, data scientists, data engineers, Angular frontend engineers and QA engineers.

                              Location: Santa Clara, CA and Charlotte, NC. Most positions can be filled in either office.

                              Description: LeanTaaS is a fast growing healthcare predictive analytics company that uses sophisticated math and lean principles to make healthcare providers more efficient. tl;dr we optimize doctor schedules

                              Contact: Apply at https://leantaas.com/about/careers/ and if you have any questions you can reach me at david.g@leantaas.com

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                                I’m looking for someone with experience in cryptographic protocols and writing security software to adversarially review this signature-threshold code, and to help with its further development and integration into chainlink. (Blog-post overview.)