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    Not news; see project sandcastle.

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      The title is slightly disingenuous by kinda sorta implying that the iPhone 7 is a “Linux smartphone” because it booted postmarketOS, but the article itself takes the first paragraph to say specifically that Project Sandcastle was first. Maybe just “iPhone 7 now boots postmarketOS” would have been better.

      Either way, I’m really happy to see more people working on Linux support of all kinds for iDevices. Especially postmarketOS, since I’d certainly like to extend the life of my old iDevices as long as possible.

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      The iPhone booting postmarketOS shouldn’t be anything shocking. You can run anything from linux to windows 95 ever since the first jailbreaks.

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        a) not true, Windows 95 was never running on a jailbroken device natively - only as a user-land application with iOS/iPhoneOS as a host system

        b) With that attitude anything anyone could ever accomplish is not worth noticing or “shocking” because it is accomplishable.

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          Well first Linux is misleading, I ran Linux on my iPhone 3G more than a decade ago with open iBoot.