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    Honestly, this sort of thing is part of why I use an editor that’s decades old (GNU Emacs), tiling window manager (StumpWM) that hasn’t significantly changed in years, and an OS that I can easily configure by editing text files (FreeBSD).

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      Yeah, I tried to read this story but was unable to do so, thanks to the site design which has teeny tiny fonts, white against a hideous shade of grey. I’m not sure what this site’s focus is, but it definitely isn’t interested in facilitating people with vision issues.

      Not shouting at you, mpweiher, but please try to cite websites which are at least legible, if not fully compliant with accessibility guidelines.

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        Daring Fireball has been writing about Mac stuff for 20 years as of last week. He has vision problems, so it’s kind of funny to complain that the site isn’t good for vision problems. There’s a cookie you can set to make the font larger: https://daringfireball.net/preferences/ . He should have given the site a redesign 10 years ago when responsive design happened, but at this point it’s just charmingly retro to see him continuing to use the layout as he always has.

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          its not charming. its exclusionary. i’m not about to set a cookie for some craven apple fanboi to allow me to read his “news” “site”.

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          Does your browser’s reader mode not work perfectly on this site?