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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    Turning 30 wooooooooooo

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      I am going to celebrate by ordering a PIZZA

      And then writing, because I’ve written almost nothing this week and I’m hankering to write more

      (Also a couple of vaccinated friends are coming over, and then we’re going to eat the PIZZA)

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        Happy birthday, Hillel! I really enjoy reading the posts you publish :)

      2. 10

        I’m writing about how I implemented an objectively useless driver for the Linux kernel in Rust. It does this:

        machine: waiting for success: cat /dev/printerfact
        (0.01 seconds)
        The oldest printer on record was probably "Puss", a tabby owned by Mrs. Holway of Clayhidon, Devon. Having celebrated his 36th birthday on November 28, 1939, Puss died the following day.
        (4.04 seconds)
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          Finally finishing up my font! I’ve just finished the glyphs for this version yesterday, so all that’s left is adding a nice landing page, and (maybe?) showing it here.

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            Hm, I think I’m done!

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              Congrats on getting it finished! I’m curious why you chose to not have dots on top of lowercase i and j. The i makes me think of Turkish dotless i or Greek iota.

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              Will that font be distributed in a format that could be installed on Windows?

              1. 1

                I honestly don’t know what bitmapped-font formats could be installed on Windows. Would bdf, pcf, or otb work?

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              Celebrating my birthday by having my wife and I get our second Pfizer doses.

              I might make meatloaf too.

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                Happy Birthday!

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                  Thank you. :)

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                I started go down a rabbit hole of trying to get X11 window managers working under Arcan through a modified Xorg creating half-empty proxy windows and translating window state back and forth, so weekend will be trying to see how far that idea can be pushed.

                1. 13

                  Doctor: “And the patient is in a padded room why?”

                  Other doctor: “They just keep muttering ‘override redirect’ over and over. If anyone says ‘EWMH’ they start screaming.”

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                    The comical thing is that I went through the rite of writing a pseudo-WM as required by xwayland-wayland support as well as a DDX of my own, and I now have the WM aspect mapping running through it (the API for writing a WM inside of Xorg is unsurprisingly much less annoying than through xlib/xcb, and hey, atomicity!).

                    This + DDX is a walk in the park versus how utterly depressing even xdg-wm-base “hello world” was to get working, and I’d rather have my teeth pulled than debug firefox-wayland for the 147th time.

                2. 5

                  I’m going to teach my 5-year-old how to use a computer mouse. I have done all I could to keep her away from computers/smartphones as I could, but now she needs to connect some dots or colour somethings during her online English lessons. If you have some experience/opinions about introducing children to digital media I would really appreciate them.

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                    Honestly? They pick it up over the course of a couple of months. I suggest some classic kids puzzle games (“humongous entertainment bundle” on steam is full of short, age appropriate puzzles that aren’t “Free to Play” skinner boxes)

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                    Going to the forest with girlfriend and dog, visiting my girlfriends grandparents, going to dog training, studying for a test at work. Maybe I’ll find the time to write a bit, maybe not. I miss the times where I could decide I want to learn something and then actually learn it. Sometimes my life feels like an endless todo list with some elses todos on it.

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                      I need some accounting software. I loved “ledger-cli” (plain text-based and double-entry) and I want to use something like that. Except I need it to run on a shared database and I need it to support branching/merging (like the Git model). So I’ll make one for my own company/personal finances and I’ll release it under a free/libre license if it works and looks great.

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                        I’m interested in this as well, though I wonder why you need branching and merging

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                          Actually, I’m not even sure myself. I just find this concept interesting and I would like to see how it goes in practice! Just seems fun.

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                        Continuing on with my Leaving Earth playing. Last week I burned up Buzz Aldern on retry, causing me to lose my game. I now have a running list of Astronauts I lose, and a shortcut to start playing Danny Boy on my Sonos.

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                          Probably studying for school, just like all weekends. If I have time I might play something with friends.

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                            The itch.io Lisp Game Jam is starting, thinking of participating (first time). I’ve got an idea for a game in which you have to match certain inputs and reject others in a limited-size regex. Janet will probably be my tool of choice, if that fails I have Fennel + Love2D to fall back to. Hoping to make the most of the weekend because I’m super tired on weekdays now

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                              I’m probably setting up a Ubiquiti Unifi controller on some cloud host. I’ve been using one hosted by someone else for a while and they’re stopping that, so I gotta do my own. This will be the first time I’ve had personal use for a VPS or dedicated box in more than 5 years when I stopped running my own mail server. Recommendations welcome, especially something with a discount or a free tier. I’ve got this as a starting point but I’m sure someone else has already DevOpsed the shit out of deploying this on a variety of providers…

                              Also, taxes. One month away means I gotta get my crap to my preparer ASAP.

                              1. 1

                                Oracle cloud has the healthiest free tier…. But oracle

                              2. 3

                                Getting my second vaccine shot tomorrow afternoon (yay!) so fully expecting to be worthless on Sunday.

                                So tomorrow morning is chores and errands, and the Sunday plan is a relatively undemanding novel in a big comfy chair, or catching up on Critical Role if my brain has fully gone to mush.

                                Alternatively if I actually have energy and focus on Sunday, I need to refresh myself on building TCP services in Go so I might write some toy services. I’ve been thinking of implementing some of the older, lesser-used services that you still might find in an /etc/services file, e.g. daytime, qotd, finger, whois, maybe tftp…

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                                  I’m working on a project for mech jam. It’s been a while since I’ve tried to build an actual game (instead of tinkering with game adjacent tools and graphics projects), so it’ll probably be a bit jank, but that’s what game jams are for. I’m going to try and develop the mood and atmosphere more than usual and focus on the art direction and sound design more than a unique gameplay element.

                                  I’m doing everything in Godot this time, and I’m really impressed with how nice it is. It’s lean enough that I don’t feel like its a bloated mess that must be rewritten from scratch[1] but comes with enough batteries included that I don’t have to worry about things like integrating my own physics engine or writing my own serialization layer. It strikes a nice balance. Plus the Linux support is superb which is unheard of, but I greatly appreciate it since I do all my development on desktop Linux.

                                  [1]: Plus it’s open source so I’d rather contribute rather than try to compete with it.

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                                    Defining and refining my keymap for my custom keeb. Purchasing domain names but for a real project that is happening!

                                    1. 2

                                      Sailing club weekend again. We got further than we expected last weekend with the jetty renovation, but there’s still more to do this weekend. I think we’re about halfway in length, but the second half is all modular and half-built already so hopefully we can finish this week! Racing again Sunday, although the forecast is for little wind so another slow drift round for me I suspect.

                                      In between everything I’ve started refurbishing a garden picnic bench (ex-pub garden bench), sanding it back to bare wood and re-staining it. Quite therapeutic, I’d forgotten how gratifying woodwork can be.

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                                        This week I started writing a small container orchestrator, built on top of podman and etcd. It’s got to the point where I can put pod configuration into etcd and run a command on the node to fetch the config and launch it. The next logical step is to add a little daemon which’ll monitor etcd for pod configurations being added or removed, and automatically update the local state. Maybe I’ll start on that.

                                        Or maybe I’ll have another stab at learning kubernetes. I feel like I understand it a lot better now that I’ve had to think through some of the same problems.

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                                          I’ll be going back to the office once or twice a week starting monday, so I’m setting up some stuff to automate while I’m not at home on the rpi. It’s my first time back in the office since january of last year so I’m kind of looking forward to it.

                                          1. 2

                                            Setting up some much-needed longevity bushing tests for a CNC machine I’m working on, testing a cheap filament drybox idea, and updating my home network to install a new 24 port PoE switch.

                                            Might even play with some PoE-powered RPis, setting up InfluxDB + Grafana and a NAS if things go well enough.