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    He made good things. I learned a whole lot from his cdrtools, scg layer for linux, and smake tool. I didn’t ever meet him personally or have any nontechnical interactions with him online, but he taught me a ton. I would even say the time I spent picking apart the details of how cdrtools and scg worked and the things I learned doing that steered my professional work in directions that I found very rewarding.

    So here’s some gratitude in that direction and an echo for the “May his software immortalise him.” sentiment expressed by the author.

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      I used to work from ’97 to 2002 as a supplier at $BIG_MANUFACTUREROF_WHEELCARTS (during which we all learned through y2k tests that years should be never ever abbreviated… ;) ). I worked in CAD product data exchange, and my job -among other things- was writing 1/2” 1/4” 8mm and 4mm DDS tapes, burning CDs and DVDs and finding a way to pack product data hierarchies on iso9660 filesystems, which would then be transported by messengers (no internet at most of the suppliers yet, some were experimenting with Bintec ISDN routers) - those were different times.

      A proper naming convention for CAD models, and cdrtools and star helped to archive this in a time when the zoo of CAD workstations was IBM RS6000 with AIX, SGI Octane2 and Onxy with Irix, HP (f… amnesia) with HP-UX and some Ultrix survivers.

      I never met Jörg Schilling in Person, never saw a picture of hin, and always had the impression that he was about my age. Yesterday I learned that he passed away and that he was 16 years older than me.

      Danke, Jörg!

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        I should burn a dvd in his memory.

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          Yesterday, I burned a DVD-RW a few times, to get some modern systems (such as FreeDOS 1.3rc4) installed on an older machine (Athlon K75).

          Today, I read this.