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    I love the bullshit rhetoric from these ad execs:

    “This is damaging to consumer interest and will undermine the Internet.”

    “If Mozilla follows through on its plan … the disruption will disenfranchise every single Internet user,”

    “All of us will lose the freedom to choose our own online experiences; we will lose the opportunity to monitor and protect our privacy”

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      I think they suffer from faulty metrics. I prefer targeted advertising to the broad ads that made me mute the TV for 18 minutes out of every hour in ancient times. Who wouldn’t? I’m sure that polls well in focus groups. But the cost is too high with the methods they use, and I would be surprised if people still wanted it after knowing the invasiveness of current methods.

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        I wish they would just say the truth instead of having to make me infer it, all the IAB has pretty much said is “WHA WAH WAH We wont be able to profit off violating firefox users privacy by default, we will have to convince firefox users to let us violate their privacy and work for our money.”