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    I recently discovered clipboard managers and just how useful they are, honestly I wonder why they’re not commonplace everywhere. If you’re on Windows I suggest you turn on Clipboard history in System > Clipboard, it shows up when you press win+v and shows you a list of stuff you copied recently. On Linux I discovered by mistake that fcitx, which is primarily an IME, also does clipboard management; the default shortcut is Ctrl+;

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      I have written a daemon that synchronises the PRIMARY/CLIPBOARD selections in real time without the .5 second delay and in both ways: just go get janouch.name/haven/hpcu and run it from the session rc script.

      Sometimes it gets annoying but I’ve got used to it.

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        Implicit Copying

        I use a Mac at work and I miss X’s primary selection / middle-button paste every day.

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          Terminal does this.

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          I’m a simpler type than the author, apparently. I often times get confused which storage I used, primary selection or the actual clipboard. I’m therefore using autocutsel to synchronize primary and clipboard.

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            IntelliJ has a keyboard history buffer built in, activated with Ctrl+Shift+V.

            I’m grateful for it, especially when I am e.g. renaming three things at once.