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    Hopefully it’s a tool that allows the construction of ROCm SOCm Robots.

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      “Is it good?” “No.”

      “Can I try it?” “You can’t.”

      Hm, I wonder why AMD is losing to Nvidia in GPGPU.

      I happily own a Radeon VII, but AMD really need to step up their game. Once this card fails, there’s nothing I could replace it with that’d let me play with DL that isn’t Nvidia. I really think focusing on data center support first is the wrong move. Desktop support needs to work better than data center support, if anything, because that’s where people learn. Then once it comes time to pick a datacenter node, the decision will be made based on what the devs have expertise in - from the desktop - not based on which one has better support. How would they know?

      edit: Yes, yes, Google TPUs. AMD, Google can do that because their hardware is ahead of the competition. Yours is … not.

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        Big fan. Unfortunately, being a second-class BSD citizen, we don’t have it, though there is some effort, seeing as there is a ports entry with an update dating to Apr 2021.