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You can see what it looks like on https://okturtles.com


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    My site won’t allow this due to Content Security Policy. 😏 Incidentally, I’m also able to happily open suspicious emails in Squirrelmail because of the same fact, which is an interesting defense against spam.

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      When can I expect food neutrality next so I can get steak and lobster and the same price as the guy who got a salad?

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        Maybe when eating a salad prevents you from using the infrastructure your taxes paid for.

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          Or when your internet connection and mobile plan cost twice as much because you have to tick the Gmail, Facebook, Netflix and Youtube boxes that were once provided for free.

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          While it’s easy for me to scoff at anything you post because of your username, I’m gonna guess that you didn’t mean any harm with this joke but over 17 million american households were food insecure in 2012, and 18 million americans live in a food desert, where access to perishables is either overwhelmingly expensive or simply absent.

          Maybe food neutrality wouldn’t be such a bad idea :)

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            That’s an incorrect comparison; food neutrality in your hypothetical restaurant already exists since the restaurant doesn’t charge differently for using their cutlery and crockery depending on what you eat.

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              You aren’t a libertarian, you’re just a capitalist.