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    The promised resolution is compelling, but I’m not sure if it’s worth messing with the Seiki’s at this point or just waiting for Dell’s new offering that’s more monitor (vs. TV) focused to come on the market. Still, $500 is pretty cheap, and I guess it would make a decent living room TV if it didn’t work out as a monitor.

    Anyone used one of these in anger and/or compared them to other offerings that are currently or soon to be available?

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      I grabbed one of the cheap / sketchy monoprice 27" 2560x1440 monitors on black friday, and I must say, having all those pixels is an amazing upgrade from 1920x1200. I bet there’s a point of diminishing returns somewhere, but merely being able to put two typical desktop webpages next to each other on one screen is wonderful. I haven’t done much coding at home recently, but even just for wasting time on your favorite link aggregator site, moar pixels really does seem to be better.

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        The comparison chart between tv and monitor at bottom is priceless. Industry is ripe for some vendor to address the PC market. Except for one thing: Potential market size foe pc’s appears tiny and is shrinking.

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          Maybe I’m weird, and I admit to having never used a single 39" monitor on my desk (but I did have a 2x2 wall of 23" monitors, 3840x2160 – I learned a bit about myself and diminished returns re:screen area), but I feel like sitting 1-2ft from a 39" (or 50") monitor would just burn out my eyes and make me blind (faster). Akin to “don’t sit so close to the television.” I would feel more comfortable sitting at “TV distance” 6-8ft, and that would seem to negate the advantages to higher resolutions. I think 27-29" sounds plenty big for a monitor.

          Am I completely wrong?

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            It certainly sounds appealing, but the 30Hz lag would kill it for me personally. That may not the same for everyone else, though. He mentions the brightness and a possible fix via a firmware patch, otherwise this would be my other complaint.

            I hope he writes a follow up after some time has passed.