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TypeScript 2.2 introduced support for statically typed mixin classes. This post briefly explains mixins and shows how to use them in TypeScript.


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    type Constructor<T> = new (...args: any[]) => T;
    type Constructable = Constructor<{}>;
    function Timestamped<TBase extends Constructable>(Base: TBase) {
        return class extends Base {
            timestamp = Date.now();

    Hoo boy I was sure worried that ES5 was getting too hard to parse…thank god we’ve found ways of making code more readable and useful without giving in to architecture astronauting!


    Just to be clear, the article is good @mariusschulz. :)

    I’m just annoyed at the ecosystem.

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      I’ll re-invite your response from our discussion on irc the other day and say: Web Assembly is a ray of hope!