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    Some of the answers are complete non-sequiturs for the questions. “It has a sound system and a desktop WM” is not the answer to “is it good for a desktop”. If that was all it took, we’d be using Windows Mobile 5 on the desktop. “We have 400 developers” is not an answer to “is the development model closed”. If it were, I’m sure Windows has thousands of developers, and they also have a voting system on feature development. “Hardware is a moving target” isn’t a good answer to “does FreeBSD have drivers”.

    There’s a lot of good reasons to use FreeBSD, but I agree with tedu on this one, I don’t know if this is a terribly effective FAQ.

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      I wonder how effective pages like this are. I’m sure the authors find it convincing, but are random Linux users who come across this page going to change their mind? Or are they going to say, that’s another issue I never even considered! Like teaching the controversy.