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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    • Helping my partner move in! <3
    • I’m sick of working on my programming language, so instead I’m unwinding a bit by making a tiny OS on RISC-V. I want to see what it looks like when I make a single tasking OS with no virtual memory, and make it still able to take advantage of multiple cores to one degree or another. My goal in complexity (and functionality) is kinda “more than DOS, less than Unix”. …then I make a cool cyberpunk-movie shell for it.
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      I’m sick of working on my programming language

      which programming language are you sick of?

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        Sorry, I missed this question! I’m working on making a programming language that basically asks “What if Rust took the minimalist path rather than the maximalist?” Current incarnation is here: https://sr.ht/~icefox/garnet/ To give you an idea of how complete it is (not), the current project is to implement structs.

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      Among other things, trying to work through my backlog of tabs (the current count is… 341, oh my goodness). I have a bunch open about the distinction between data and codata (spawned, I think, by a Lobsters post), and now that the week is over I can dig in. I started with Abel 2013, “Copatterns: Programming Infinite Structures by Observations”, and appreciate the simple but precise explanations in Sections 1+2.

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        Writing a giant rant on how the industry is broken apparently.

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          I am finishing up an essay I’ve been working on for a month or two that’s part of a series that bridges human languages and programming languages. I’ll probably post here, I’m not entirely sure. I’m talking about how to discover supplemental tests and frame up Acceptance Test-Driven Development, but because I don’t clearly spell that out, I’m concerned it might not look relevant (even though it is).

          Looks like I’m also rebuilding an EC2 instance I’m using for a wiki. I really, really like Wikimedia, and ever since I took down my old wiki I miss having the option to format related material using a wiki. It just does some things much better than anything else I’ve ever used does.

          I’m also thinking about downloading that alien life evolver from GitHub and playing around. Those are some really cool pictures!

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            I’d be interested to read that essay. I can also think of a couple of people in my circles who’d be interested as well. :)

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            Thinking of doing a hackathon. Wanted to mess around a little with game development and figuring out the development architecture for neovim to see if I can make an extension I’ve been looking for and some little experiments I wanted to run on the love2D engine.

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              • Need to write some code to catch up on a slowish week. It’s been fun setting up lsp-java in Emacs, and learning how to use that.
              • Always felt that clocking in and clocking out while working was an excessive micro-optimisation, but after hearing of many people tracking their time diligently (I’ve known of the John Carmack story for a while now in which he’d pause his CD player every time he felt he was slacking off and measure his productivity at the end of the day by the size of the stack of CDs he’s listened to). If it’s working for much better programmers, I felt that it couldn’t hurt to try it. Integrating org-clock-{in}/{out} into my workflow.
              Not Work
              • Managed to get native comp Emacs (i.e. master branch) built on my work laptop using https://github.com/jimeh/build-emacs-for-macos which worked beautifully. Now, I need to do the same with my OpenBSD desktop. Turns out this is full of rabbit holes. I need to build libgccjit which is not in the ports. Cloned GCC and tried building it, but was getting errors which I need to figure out. (also needed to build a port of gmp which forced me to learn how to use CVS (now I know why we all use git) to check out the 6.9 ports tree)
                • If I’m being very honest, OpenBSD is making some things (to be fair, things that I wanna do, rather than the things it is good for) more difficult that I would prefer. e.g. I can’t build Electron which I need for SSB things like Patchwork, and Oasis which both don’t build due to library issues. Arch (one of my previous OSes) seems mainstream in comparison. :-D
              • As a new user of Tree Style Tab in Firefox, so now, I get a rush when closing a tree of 6-10 tabs which keeps the number of open tabs down. Integrating this into my workflows.
              • Should start doing some push-ups and cardio again. We’ve had a strict curfew here in Pune, India which is just getting relaxed.
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                Managed to get native comp Emacs (i.e. master branch) built on my work laptop using https://github.com/jimeh/build-emacs-for-macos

                Emacs plus makes it really simple too https://xenodium.com/emacs-plus-with-native-comp

                We’ve had a strict curfew here in Pune

                Aww. I loved my time in Pune. I hope you’re all ok. Spent a few months working there. Many wonderful memories. Randomly: Trishundha temple, Bakarwadi, Vaishali, Solkadhi, Sinhagad, Vithaldas Narayandas, Fergusson College, jeera soda, misal pav, I could go on…

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                  Hey @xenodium, nice to meet you! I recently stumbled upon your website, will read it in detail. Yes, I know a few of those words. :-D I’ve climbed Singhad thrice so far, and love bakarwadi.

                  Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to install libgccjit. I’ll have to build it from source on OpenBSD. Native comp Emacs is working fine on my work machine, but I’m trying to get it working on my desktop at home as well. Based on the number of OpenBSD posts that have helped me set things up, I feel I should start posting my notes whenever I figure out how to do something useful, just like you have.

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                    Hey @xenodium, nice to meet you

                    Likewise @samebchase!

                    I’ve climbed Singhad thrice so far, and love bakarwadi.

                    Wonderful. Climbed once. Not exactly nearby, but Ajanta and Ellora were amazing too. I’ve bought some bakarwadi in London, but it’s just not the same as Pune’s. Oh and barfi too :)

                    I’ll have to build it from source on OpenBSD

                    Ah yeah. Emacs plus worked well on macOS for me.

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                I’ve gotten back into generative art with Clojure and Quil/Processing, so I’m tinkering away at my current piece.

                I learned Clojure just so I could use Quil, so I plan to write up an article about my experiences as a Clojure beginner once I’m done with this piece.

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                  Choosing a new office for our branch in Bydgoszcz, Poland. The current one is already too small after 3 months. Already did 3 viewings, gonna view another 3 and decide which one it will be on Monday.

                  I have been traveling from Eindhoven to Bydgoszcz every 2 weeks now, exciting times!

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                    Chilling with a broken rib, so “soft” projects only. Tinkering with 3d model of a prototype proportional pneumatic valve. And some coding on a long running pet project.

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                      Packing. We’re moving 45 minutes further out of town (essentially doubling the distance between the nearest office of my employer and my place of residence). Thanks to the recent normalization of remote work, this is a viable move for me, and it will allow both my home and family to grow essentially without growing my mortgage. (Yes, heating bill will go up as a result of the bigger dwelling, but the kids are homeschooled and so the current dwellings won’t do anymore. Happens. )

                      So, I’ll spend the next week vacationing/packing, and the following one vacationing/unpacking. Getting house on Thursday. Moving on Friday. Mortified and anguished on Everyday til then.

                      I will also be learning a bit of CAD because i want to build some stuff and familiarize myself with the discipline of design (in general, whatever that means)

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                        Moving my home lab from a 42U rack to a 9U (wall-mounted). I moved most of my home lab gear to a local DC, so don’t need as much at home anymore. Then I’ll have to figure out what to do with the old rack…

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                          • Have to assess assignments submitted by students
                          • Managed to install frawk, found it to be faster than mawk for a sample problem (finding common lines between two files), going to test it more
                          • Too many novels read in past three months, so taking a mini-break. Usually I switch to watching movies/anime but thinking of playing some games (probably puzzles)
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                            I’ll try to get a demo working of my idea for cast-oriented programming. I hope it will be easier to explain if I can show it working.

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                              I am working on Kernel to Chez Scheme compiler called… Social. That is Social Kernel! Ahah, that is enough motivation to get things done :)

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                                Would like to document implicit deadlocks that are possible with this SQL in postgres:

                                UPDATE ... WHERE id IN (...)

                                But by its nature, it seems pretty hard to reliably reproduce. If I could reliably get an example that results in a deadlock (because it locks the IDs in the wrong order) then I’d show users the path to avoiding those deadlocks, by using:

                                UPDATE ... WHERE id in (SELECT id ... ORDER BY id FOR UPDATE)

                                Or something like that

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                                  Today, after lunch, I’m buying some entry level fly fishing gear and a fishing license, and tomorrow I’m going to try it out. If I like it, I’ll start bringing the kit along on bike trips.

                                  On Sunday I’m going to lunch with a friend, and probably going for a ride.

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                                    Itching to write some Prolog, maybe some harmony problems to start (e.g. composing Cantus Firmus), maybe finding fingerings for Piano notes at some point. Also RIIRing some toys (SSG used to make skuz.xyz, a parser for typeup)

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                                      • fixed small bugs and little improvements on socializus app
                                      • iterate on concierge app
                                      • receive friends
                                      • go to family gathering
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                                        Slacklining and sauna. Studying for an exam. There will also be a bit of “creative work” I guess, we’ll see how much I manage to do but my current todo is:

                                        • Record some screencasts and get familiar with OBS + video editing.
                                        • Keep messing around with representing propagator networks in scheme.
                                        • Keep messing around with guix..
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                                          Writing a micro web framework for node from scratch in typescript. Learning more about stuff.

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                                            • Work on my newsletter Arnes Weekly
                                            • Collect more notes for Arnes Notes
                                            • Record a podcast Episode about the WWDC for Sprachnachrichten (German, will be out Tuesday)
                                            • Play around with CircuitPython on a MagTag
                                            • Spend time with my family