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    Resolution: http://inessential.com/2014/01/22/network_solutions_the_resolution

    They’ve backed off, kind of. Apparently now they call you and try to talk you into it, but you can decline.

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      What network solutions is doing is absurd, but I can’t say I’m surprised. A few years ago I was trying to transfer a domain away from network solutions and they made it nearly impossible. The online transfer failed for no reason, so we called support. We swapped to a paper/fax transfer, that was refused because we needed additional proof of ownership. We submitted again and that was refused because the current business address didn’t match the address on the domain. We got the signature of the owner of the business endorsing the domain transfer and that was refused because the signature wasn’t on the line. The owner gave up on the transfer - good job network solutions.

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        I had a similar issue with NetSol that resulted in the loss of a domain. Whenever I faxed them the ‘proof of ownership’ they could never locate it. There was a barcode on the fax that their system was supposed to ingest. I was paying at Kinko’s to send faxes, it wasn’t great when after several they couldn’t locate a single one. Of course, now that domain is owned by a squatter that wants 30k.

        Admittedly, this happened in around 2001, but since then I haven’t given them any of my business.