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      For someone who doesn’t follow InfluxDB closely, this was very confusing to read, so this is my attempt at a TLDR. It sounds like they’re moving from their current pricing model (whatever that is) to one with multiple releases, closely related to each other:

      • InfluxDB Edge - fully open source, supports what is needed from a time-series database
      • InfluxDB Community - free to use, not open source, supports all features of edge plus some additional efficiency improvements for longer time-frame queries and deletion capabilities.
      • InfluxDB - their enterprise offering, not free to use, not open source, supports the features of community plus some basic high availability and group management. It’s not clear whether this is a license charge per version or something else. It may be possible to use the Community tier and enable some features of this enterprise tier through licenses.
      • InfluxDB Clustered - their enterprise InfluxDB offering plus clustering, supporting k8s for scaling. Charged annually.

      In addition they’re offering two cloud offerings which I would assume are hosted versions of their enterprise offering:

      • InfluxDB Cloud Serverless - shared resources, billed based on usage
      • InfluxDB Cloud Dedicated - dedicated resources, billed based on resources
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        This is what happens when MBAs “optimize” pricing to capture every single dollar available. It’s fundamental to VC-funded infrastructure.