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    They’re suing Google, not Apple. Google provides sideloading, which reduces the merit of the case.

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      Just remember, folks, yesterday Google blocked Yandex.Search, today they block Gab, tomorrow your startup might be affected.

      If you think you’re immune, think again!

      Yandex has prevailed in their complaint, for the benefit of any similarly-situated business in FAS jurisdiction. I hope Gab will likewise prevail as well.

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        As long as the government isn’t banning them they have no case.

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          Not quite–this is a totally reasonable anti-trust issue. Now, whether or not the US still cares about prosecuting anti-trust problems is another thing entirely.

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              Because our politics is busted, both parties are fully funded by major corporations, and no one wants to piss off the pocketbook.

              Seriously – US v Microsoft was before Citizens, and the latter opened up the floodgates. Much of the current insanity in our politics can be pretty easily traced back to that decision.

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                But there’s also many other competitors still available, which I think undercuts the argument that google is doing this to cement control.

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                Hmm possibly. I guess it depends on how much money Gab would get from having their app on Android. I guess not being able to sell customer information from mobile is a huge deal for them.

                But technically nothing is stopping them from creating their very own mobile phone OS and app store ;)

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                  3rd party store still exist in Android. They just have a small market share in the US.