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    I didn’t realise that uMatrix still saved cookies after you’ve blocked them, so now I’ve installed Cookie AutoDelete too. Thanks for the tip :)

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      Has anyone figured a way to stop the “recommended for you” on YouTube? I use uBo with 3rd party JavaScript blocked, as well as not being signed in, as well as:

      'browser.contentblocking.category': 'strict',
      'privacy.trackingprotection.enabled': true,

      and I still get those, sometimes even in private mode.

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        I use https://invidio.us/ when I want to watch something that is on youtube.

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        Isn’t uMatrix an advanced version of uBlock Origin? What’s the rationale behind using both of them?

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          The relationship between the two is not quite that straightforward. uMatrix gives you much more fine grained control over blocking types of things, but uBlock Origin has much better built-in ad blocking and filtering than uMatrix does in practice (including many more lists available standard) and will probably do it more efficiently, simply because matching blocklists isn’t uMatrix’s focus. uBlock Origin also has directly built in support for blocking page elements on the fly either permanently or temporarily. You can to some extent control Javascript in uBlock Origin’s dynamic filtering instead of resorting to uMatrix, but I don’t think uO gives you much or any control over cookies and other things.

          I use both because I care about both ad-blocking (uBlock Origin’s role, along with zapping away unwanted page elements) and having fine grained control over Javascript, cookies, and other annoyances of the modern web (uMatrix’s role). Although I haven’t tried it, I’m pretty sure my web experience would be significantly worse and more annoying if I only used uMatrix; I don’t think that taking out only Javascript (and cookies) stops enough of the annoyances of the modern web these days. And uBlock Origin blocks things in situations where you have to enable Javascript, such as Youtube.

          (I’m the author of the linked-to blog entry.)