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    As another example, let’s look at IPFS and Filecoin. I think they’re super fun and cool. But the only things I’d build on top of them would either be for activists or criminals.

    Same old same old. Nothing to hide? Nothing to fear!

    edit: NB, not disputing the core point - that things aren’t necessarily good or valuable just because they say “blockchain” or “decentralised” - but by the same token, things aren’t necessarily bad just because they do. No-brainer for people here, but for people reading Medium blogs … ?

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      either be for activists or criminals.

      For a state, those two are basically equivalent.

      And yet somehow in people’s mind disagreeing with the state makes you a noble activist while hiding from the state makes you a criminal.

      The dissonance is real.

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        There’s nothing wrong in principle with designing tools that are primarily of use for these classes of people, it’s just that it might be harder to secure funding from “traditional” sources for them.