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    It looks like another DVCS implementation with Git-like command set.

    It stores data in their own structure, it uses custom protocol, then, how is this thing (and MS GVFS) related to Git?

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      Embrace, extend, extinguish?

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        Scalar is a .NET Core application

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        I sincerely hope than in my professional life as a software developer, the challenges outlined in this post never apply to me.

        The shear volume of THINGS these piles of source code and the tools used to develop them manipulate in the background without you knowing likely contributes to huge amounts of the junk in those git repositories.

        I am pretty far from the suckless development model in my own professional life, but at least I generally know what all the files in my source tree are for, why they were created and whether I can get rid of them.

        Also … what is the MS Office repository doing being ported to Git? Do they still actively develop the desktop app? Or is 365 in the same repo as the desktop app?